The Canadian Atheist (The CA)

Episode 66

This week Micheal & Dean discuss news stories including Liz Crokin – straight up cray! Coach Dave shows his sexist, MAJOR LEAGUE Devil stuff with Bryan Fischer. WHOOPS goes the newspaper ad, banned books & 20/39….Plus a lot more.


2 thoughts on “The Canadian Atheist (The CA)

  1. Another excellent episode for insights into the mind, behaviours, discourse, vocabulary and presuppositions of atheist. Clearly my previous encouragement to have a doctrine of God found no traction as the God you parody in your show is not God revealed in nature or Scripture. Epicurus had a similar problem illustrated in his low view of God and failure to account for God and his purposes. Further point of interest is the highly moral nature of your conversations. Your discourse is a litany of moral statement and emphatic truth claims about what is and what is not (most interesting in light of what Sye shared with you).

    So thank you for sharing, It demonstrates why you need believe the gospel and be reconciled to the true and living God that you might make sense of all the nonsense, much of it you reasonably make fun of (I support your ridicule of the version of American evangelicalism that claims to be Christian which is often little more than mockery of God, men thinking that they can manipulate and play at being gods).

    Your use of profanity is bewildering. I really don’t know what you are trying to achieve accept demonstrate that Canadians have a more limited vocabulary and have failed to grasp the breadth and scope of the English language. Is it French influence?


    1. I would suggest you not take this as insights into any minds but ours. We only speak for ourselves. Being an atheist is just not having a belief in any gods. We do discuss morals a lot….I still hold secular morality is FAR superior to anything found in the bible. You talk about “believing the gospel. If you had listened carefully, you’d know that we are waiting for someone to convince us. As far as language goes. I (Micheal) swear…I swear a to more than Dean. Who gives a fuck?


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