The Canadian Atheist (The CA)

Howdy folks,


Well, it’s been a while. We hate that it’s been SO long.

Here’s what we can share. The renovations & repairs have started! I know this because as I (Micheal) type this little bitty update from a hotel room…my Ring notifications are going bonkers. I can log in & see the people coming & going & doing the things!

As much of a bummer as it is that we’ve been unable to produce an episode lately…we can share that some cool stuff is just around the corner. We mentioned a few months back that Matt Dillahunty was going to coming on. He still is. As you’re aware, he a super busy guy & I actually had to push him back…due to the flood. SO…that’s going to happen ASAP. The next thing I can share…that’ we’re really excited about is that a former Muslim couple will be coming on to share their story with us.  We expect this to be exhilarating conversation. We’re super excited about this We’ll also be having Steve McRae back on along with his most-times co-host on Steve’s YouTube channel, Cheshire-Viq. She’s awesome & a fellow Canuck!


NOW, the $64000 question is, WHEN?

The Renos are slated to be completed on Aug. 9th The Dean & I just me to get our asses in studio. We’ll have an episode out….somehow by Aug.15th. Super-duper-pinky-swear promise!

We want to thank you all again for your tremendous support. We’re humbled that SO many people from SO many places listen to us bash the god that very likely doesn’t exist & all the silly things his Earthly minions do.

We’ll yap at you soon,

Micheal & Dean


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