The Canadian Atheist (The CA)

Episode 101

Today, Micheal is Joined by Dr. Josh Bowen. Josh is an expert in the ancient near East. We discuss his education, family life, de-conversion & journey so far. MUCH fun was had. Please check out Dr. Josh’s work! His YouTube, His new project project with his wife, Animesopotamia at You can follow Dr. Josh on Twitter @digi_hammurabi & if you like & appreciate what he does, support on Patreon

You can also see Dr. Josh regularly on The Skylar Fiction show on YouTube,


5 thoughts on “The Canadian Atheist (The CA)

  1. If you’re not into philosophy why did you participate in the philosophical debate with Darth? You made us all look bad. If you’re not willing to study basic philosophy, please don’t discredit us debating it.


    1. Hey, thanks for the interaction. A few things…first, the debate wasn’t purely philosophical…Dunkin was pushing it that way, I was looking for evidence. Next, it’s interesting you claim i made “us” look bad. …well, you could do a couple things, debate him yourself or write something up. I will say, I rec’d only one negative comment so far, yours. I have rec’d several good ones so…whatever. Lastly, I’ll do what I like. Thanks!


      1. Darth/Dunkin doesn’t like to debate those who understand what they are talking about. He chooses clueless people to make fools out of them. He kinda failed with Shannon Q though. She did pretty good. With you he chose a different tactic. He let you be the obnoxious guy and you fulfilled that role.
        People have biases. Since atheism escaped philosophy, some use it instead of a religion. You could flunk worse in a debate and you still would get a lot of praise from your camp.
        The topic of the debate was very ambitious for a lacktheist. Especially if he challenges experienced sophist like Darth. Reading quotes from a list won’t cut it.
        There is nothing wrong with doing what you like unless you’re damaging your cause.

        I’m sorry for getting across rude. It’s not a good way to convey a message.


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