The Canadian Atheist (The CA)

Episode 129

This week Micheal & Dean are join by Dr. Josh (now an atheist) Bowen & his lovely wife Megan. We discuss all things Digital Hammurabi including what you can find at the site (there’s a tonne). There’s merchandise, their charitable projects (helping PhD students) and a lot more. We also discuss Josh’s book(s). You can find all the info about paper, digital & audio versions at the their website, Also, be sure to visit, subscribe & look at the plethora of different videos they have on their YouTube Channel, link below.

Much fun was had & we cannot wait to see the new books, projects etc. they’re working on & rest assured…another invite will go their way to come back and visit soon.



Megan (on Twitter) – @digi_hammurabi

Josh (on Twitter) – @DJHammiurabi1


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